Saturday, February 20

Icicles and Little Queen

Have you noticed I am on another kick, this time its the icicles from the gutter (note: tell land lord the gutters may have leaks).

Omg... I hate to start with that but... Firefox had a "problem" and crashed! this is a terrible thing to be happening. Well at least for me its all in fun, I don't depend on my computer to earn me a living, my company truck is what I depend on for that. 

Getting a bad feeling about this late winter storm that just went through. Worse case scenario: snow is on the ground into the month of March, this is what we call a late start; for 2 months I will be working every Saturday. This does make for bonus $$ on the paycheck, and it all evens out in the end. There, I feel better about a late start already. 

Ok, so I slept, took me a while to get to bed last night. Saturday morning is a great time, while I am not working the morning away. 

From the album 'Little Queen'. Is very interesting as the music does seem to follow a theme. Including the art on the album cover. Seems to have a gypsy love theme... I always held this song as a favorite from the album.

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