Monday, March 8

app 1 march-may

        Well hey, I'm back. I know I wasn't gone that long but well anyway...
Familiar yet strange, this feeling. What feeling is that you ask... 
The feeling of being home from work, relaxing and getting ready for the next day. Yea I am spoiled as I don't have to work in the winter. One would think it a hard shift from nothing to get up in the morning get cleaned, dressed and off to report in at work. I was easy and a welcome change. I was starting to get a bit restless. 
        Snow is gone and left behind a little pest known as snow mold... imagine that... Comes in 2 varieties even, Gray or Pink. The turf will appear matted and look slimy, tinted obviously pink or gray. Its not a threat, danger nor will it leave any permanent damage. Would be helpful to rake out the affected areas with a leaf rake to "fluff" the blades and open air ways to the crown of the plants (turf is a plant). Other than that, all still dormant. Fertilizer will kick in when the temperatures come up a bit and the plants will need nutrients. (listen to me... like a doctor or something lol) 
Really the main of this application is to control crabgrass and other grassy annuals. 

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