Wednesday, March 10


         Oh man, its the Green Monster again! This one like all the others has been a problem for some time now... the Alternator had a set number on its days. I got in the car this morning and didn't hear the squeaking belt that I normally do, I did notice but didn't think alot of it, or maybe it was I thought it wasn't a problem anymore. Imagine that, a car that fixes itself ... haha. Now when I got in the car to drive home again, I didn't hear the squeaking, but I did take the time to look at the battery gauge in the car, was way down. Thus I surmised the alternator had pushed its last bit of power to the battery and now is just a matter of days till it won't even run anymore. Bummer! So I'm at home, need to get up to the store, do I gamble on the power left in the battery? do I walk? Not being a big gambler, I decide to step out of myself for just a minute and go for the gamble. Well... beat me with a stick or two... the alternator is squeaking again, which means its trying to work and on the short drive to the store the battery gets charged back up. Who ever said a car doesn't repair itself? Oh yea, that was me that said that. New alternator is on the to do list.

        So the car is ready again to take me to work in the morning. 

Got to work fine this morning... so I stop by the shop I called yesterday, asking what would be the charge to put a new alternator on my 96 Ford/Mazda Probe... "call me back in a few minutes". First call back "what year is that Probe?" second time I called back; the standard "bring it by in the morning"... I'm like dude, I have to work, didn't say that but did say how bout tomorrow evening? "Yea that will be fine." So I go in today after work, guy brings the gauge out to the battery, "start the car up, run everything, the blower the wipers..." Turns out I need an alternator, duh... I knew this already. I still have not gotten a price though.

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