Sunday, March 7

roast again

        I finally got a roast cooked on sunday again. Was a tradition for a few months, dropped off for a bit. So this one I think I found the secret, a small dash of bud light. Not an experienced cook, no schooling in that field so its all experimental at this point. This one I went the distance with the spices salt, pepper, garlic and all that. It came out great. 
        Best part of tonight was MsNeo stopping by for a visit. I do miss her when she's not with me, but situation is what it is, I will be happy with the time I do spend with her.  She had to go back to her place and take care of her kid, dinner and what not.

        I am sitting here writing a post with nothing better to do... Not so lonely in my alone times anymore, this is a good thing.

Dinner was great and will last into the week so no more cooking.

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Eowyn said...


I just finished a batch of banana bread AND Toll House cookies. (For me and my guy to enjoy in the middle of the night which, alas, is when we get our sweet tooths.)