Monday, March 15


Just because I don't write anything does not mean that I have stopped thinking, feeling or experiencing things. It just means my writing has hit a lull for the time being. I am back to the normal grind of working again; I like the short break I get in the winter. That I imagine has a bit to do with the situation. More time away from the keyboard, there fore the thing to do isn't writing in my blog, but rather filling out paper work and driving between stops is more in the forefront. Yea, occasionally I do have to push a spreader to help the work day move along faster, most of the day is driving, writing and hanging the invoice on the door, oh yea blowing off the driveway and posting the flag in there as well. 

         As you know being my avid readers, I am not so into 'copy n paste' articles, I like to comment and add my own spin on the posts in my blog. Well, my creative side is taking a break so my writing does suffer. I will be back to par soon; how soon I don't know but I will be back.

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