Monday, March 15

We Are the Champions

Well, in the days of old, long ago, etc etc... I would actually watch and enjoy basketball. Just doesn't swish my basket anymore. I do think the game is a more "live" action game. I remember one time in high school, I was up in the bleachers during a practice looking. The game seemed to have a more pattern; as I could watch the way the play was set up and not keep my attention on where the ball was going. It was interesting to notice. After that I would catch the games during March Madness; then not being up on stats, records, wins and losses I was a bit at a loss of who was going where and who would win, lose or tie. Sorta follow the 'home' teams. University of Cincinnati was usually in the mix and University of Kentucky was there as well. Of the two I would put my 'money' on UC but not following the season or knowing what the odds of each were I was rather mifffed by the whole count. Sweet 16 down to the fantastic 4 or what ever they called it. I would try to stay with the games to the end. Usually drop the ball when those 2 were out of the hunt. I never 'filled out boxes' or had money riding, I would just watch for the sake of fandom. I always seemed to be at a loss "at the water fountain" in the mornings. I just never understood what the fascination with a silly game could be.

         Basketball almost reminds me of watching golf. Now I know at least one of my readers is into golf, and I think it to be a wonderful game of outdoor fun and activity. I just never saw it as being a spectator sport. It is not a fast paced game, there are no cheerleaders (which is what the guys like) This seems to be the problem with baseball as well; and the score is a bit backward. I have been told watching golf is to improve the technique of the swing, the stance, the swing and the follow through; I don't know, I worked on a golf course for a few years and golfers (they don't call them footballers or basketballers) seem to be people of hate. I swear, the few times I was hit by a ball, it was intentional. Aimed and picked! Tell me Doug, do you ever aim at the employees? 

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