Friday, March 5

Experimental Post to find out if I am full of it

     Island girl

Sitting around waiting for the work day to begin. Snow is still holding us off the lawns, think Monday is scheduled to be first official day of the 2010 season. Short day as I see things now. Go to shop, load the fertilizer on the trucks and get ready to head out on Monday. Sounds like an easy day to me. 

     Peace Frog

Of course I'm listening to music, not all the songs I am hearing will be listed here, but rather the ones that I like will be. I'll see if you can tell who the artist is, some I'm sure you will know (well the readers in my age bracket)
    Kick it out

Now my one question (I am still experimenting with blogger) is do I need to use the html code to indent?  Seems I was showing off my newly discovered discoveries last night at a friends, and I was able to indent without an html code being inserted in the text. Seems I could be wrong according to the preview tag...

     Dreamland Express

I know I had trouble one time before, I tried indenting paragraphs and after publishing the spaces of the indent were removed, and the line started on the margin. Perhaps blogger made some changes since I last looked at this.

     One of My Turns

Ok here one that comes to mind, have you ever heard the song Penny Lane done by David Bowie? I was downloading tunes one day a few years back and came across Penny Lane listed as by David Bowie, now I know he did not write the song, I know he didn't make the song a hit but he has been known to do 'cover'. At the same moment, I have seen songs listed in inaccurate details (artist, titles, etc...) came across 'Smoke on the Water' by Led Zeppelin once... and this was a friends computer, owner of the computer was well versed in XP as well as every Windows Version before that, and seemed intelligent enough to know that song was not a Led Zeppelin tune. So.... I download Penny Lane by David Bowie, upon listening I was shocked! Not only was it David Bowie, but he did it great. I have noted some of the cover tunes he has done in the past are not all that great by David, but it really sounded good, almost as if the song was written for him.

     Penny Lane

Well time grows near, and I need to finish getting my stuff together for work... or what we will refer to as work today.
      Dancing in the Dark
      Even It Up
      The Gunner's Dream ------- excellent saxophone solo!
      If the World Ran Out of Love Tonight
      Sunshine On My Shoulders


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