Friday, March 5

it even says so on the label

Looking through my cupboard (what some would call the cabinet) finding several cans of soup there. Mostly chicken noodle soup but this one was there too. I don't know why I was looking, wasn't really hungry and not for soup for that matter. So I pull this can out, looking on the label I see a recipe. Ingredients included of course the soup, duh... chicken breast, rice, vegetables and a bit of this that and the other spices. Pepper, onion salt, etc... 

     Well having most, but not all the ingredients, I try a little something. Having most most but not all the required ingredients I figure who the heck needs vegetables, the cheese we can skip and who needs onion salt when we have onions? So I start the dish about 9:30 pm, can't quite figure if this would be snupper, or dinack... late dinner to say the least. Turned out to be a tasty little something though. After I was done I thought I should have thrown the broccoli I have in the freezer in, just to get rid of it; if nothing else. Did add some American cheese on one helping (I had 3 bowls) recipe called for cheddar, but cheese is cheese.. right? oh I forgot, needed 3/4 cup of water too... should have subed some beer for that. But anyway... If the can says "cream of..." use it to cook; and usually there is some recipe on the can, sub, make do, or replace by taste you can always make something happen. My x wife would make a dish with cream of mushroom, mac n cheese minus the cheese sauce ( I thought a helping of elbow macaroni would have sufficed), but then I wasn't the one at the stove. It was late, I was hungry and the chicken needed cooked soon to not be wasted... worked for me, what do you thing?

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