Saturday, March 6

Keeping it simple


Though I don't use the start menu that much, I do like to keep it condensed and organized. 

        This is a screen shot of the "All Programs" tab on my start menu. You might be thinking, wow, he really doesn't have that many programs on his computer. Well each of the folders in the pop-up screen (context) is filled with program shortcuts. The folders I have created on my start menu keep similar programs sorted into groups:
  • Accessories (windows default)
  • Extras and Upgrades (windows default)
  • Games
  • Internet Apps
  • Media Apps
  • System Tools
Just to name a few of my folders

If you just look over the programs that are set in the start menu you will get an idea of what folder they belong in.
         Now when I was first introduced to this idea; my 'all programs' tab was a mess, depending on how fast your mind could absorb what it sees. It could take days, weeks or perhaps months to find the program shortcut you were looking for.
        Creating the folders is easy.... from the Windows Explore (right click start/select Explore,
By default, will open to the start menu, open the Programs tab, in an empty area of the right column right click the mouse, and select New, another context will come up, select Folder, rename the folder. After you have created the folders to sort your programs you can go to the All Programs tab, drag and drop the program shortcut in its respective folder. This will condense the All Programs and be a bit more sorted then just having all the shortcuts showing individually. Put in to "a desk top" format, would it be easier to sort through a pile of 30 pages, or would it be easier to sort through 7 folders with the pages sorted by type of program?

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