Thursday, March 4

Uncle Sam Wants You (to be ineffective)

A post, a common blog post about Uncle Sam and how it conflicts with all known logic and reality that involves our "duly sworn" elected officials. Take for example, taxes. Not so much a complaint about paying taxes, but why do I wait for "my" money to be returned to me at the end of the year. Which, by the way, is the beginning of the next year and Christmas having gone by at the end of the year, my tax return doesn't really help my cause all that much. Just look down the list, well I know I don't have a list on this post, but you know what I mean... Everything you get the government to do they do far less effectively and cost managing. What the heck... It's not "their money"! Its yours and they can spend it on what ever they think they want to spend it on. Bringing me to the real point of this post.

        Now in a way to say "I want you more than anyone else" I decided to "up" my cell plan to include MsNeo and her daughter. Everything on paper looked great, the cost, the increase, etc etc... I do wonder why my  savings have to be in rebates rather than a cut off the original price... At the end of the transaction, I was to receive $250 in rebates. In steps Uncle Sam.... Rebates are procured using the ever famous, slow and ineffective "Snail Mail". The guy at the cell store (yea like I'm buying cells) was great, he filled out the rebate forms, stuck them in envelopes, and even stamped them, all I needed to do was put a return address on the envelopes, and drop them in the mail. Great, I am thinking; just a little wait and I will have my cash. And wait I did, and wait and wait... are we seeing the ineffective route this is going... So I am walking into the apartment today and decide to check my mail. Upstairs I go, put on the reading glasses, and meander through several envelopes. Junk, junk, junk, Jas (my daughter, lives here but doesn't, Jas again, oh.... 2 from Verizon. Bills I'm thinking; well what do you know, the rebates came in. Well 2 of them, I am supposed to get 3. The day after the cell extravaganza I go to the public mail box, drop these 3 envelopes in and today I get 2 back. I think, wait; I'm supposed to have 3... I call Verison (you know the cell store) talk for a while the gal on the phone tells me "yes they have all been processed, I think you will be getting the other any day now. My point here is this; if I drop them all in the same mail box, at the same time, same day shouldn't they all be processed and in my mail box the same day? Well ok, not such a big deal... how bout the time I mailed my "medical restriction" card info in the mail, expecting to get that little card a few weeks later and instead the Ohio BMV sends me a notice of Suspension for failure to turn in my renewal information? worse than that.... I send the new info to them waiting to hear the suspension has been "acquitted" and received no such letter... upon calling the BMV was told "your drivers license is fine and up to date". I know its not just me, in all my dealings with said "Government" things are haphazard, ineffective and costly.
        Just don't get me going on how I think child support should be run through a bank rather than the "jobs and family services" ie WELFARE department of the Government. Been on both sides of that coin, and I tell you, men, if you think they are bad with you, try wearing the shoes of the woman you are paying support to.


Douglas said...

As I am in San Diego (at the moment) and have lived here before, I like to read about things going on around here. In the paper a couple of days ago was a story about the city getting bids for IT support from outside agencies. Outsourcing. In the story, I learn that, for the past 30 years, San Diego's IT support was provided by a Not-For-Profit quasi-governmental organization. And that this organization was the highest bidder by some 45% over the two private, for profit, companies. Now, it seems to me that a "non-profit" business should be cheaper since it automatically has the profit cut off. Yet, invariably, it isn't.
If you want something poorly done, at great cost, and inefficiently, turn it over to government.

Gregory said...

I am hip to this Doug, my friend. As I stated I was on both sides of the child support maze... payee and payer... seems to me its more a problem to the payee (usually the xwife) or maybe it was I am a man, and the "technician' just assumed since a man, must be the 'obligor' and is calling to bitch. The 'obligee' (receiving end) has far more trouble with the agency