Tuesday, March 2

learning and cracking the code

Pirate Named Neo

       In an attempt to work with html codes I am going to post a test document, to see how well I do.
hope this provides a bold font and this should be italic We will see how well I have this down when I am finished and I post this.

       I do use use google quite a bit in my computer studies. I don't study for school. I graduated high school long ago and tried college a couple of years before going into the work force. I just study to keep my mind moving, and practiced. Though I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, I do know a thing or 3 about this, that and the other.

       Now for some reason, beyond my knowledge, I am unable to control the font size for individual words in a post. The standard html code would be the "less than" and "great than" brackets before and after the code, b for bold, i for italic, etc does not pertain to the fontsize code in this case. I am thinking blogger has something to do with it. Perhaps it is the font size set in the layout over rides other codes. I will keep looking into this.

       In reading while posting I have learned a few items. I maybe slow but I do come up with an answer eventual. Yes it is easier to just let blogger or what ever program you are writing with to control the look of the print, but I do like being able to format it into the page.

       Like I tell you, I don't know allot, but I do know enough to get myself into trouble. Good thing is most I can get myself out of too.
       What I am doing, is a funny thing, I am typing just to be testing the knowledge I think I am learning. I am interested in proper writing. Today it behooves me that I can not indent a new paragraph. So I went to google, my old trusty web page, to find some more information to the html code.
        Now to my knowledge, Mrs. Moore did teach me long long ago, a new paragraph, or how bout instead of "new paragraph" we refer to this as beginning a "paragraph" as beginning means new. Off the subject there a bit. The paragraph starts indented 5 letter spaces.
       Now that I have learned to indent my paragraphs I can stop living with Mrs. Moore's ghost haunting me every time I come to a new paragraph and have to skip a line rather than indent.
      Now I am just hunting round to find why I am not getting the 5 spaces rather I get 3

        I do believe you have to also add the 3 spaces the tag uses as the beginning of your space count, bringing it to 8 rather than 5 ... Yes I am experimenting around and do intend to publish this page.

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