Wednesday, March 3

Can't sleep again

well, how bout that, I can't sleep. Going on 2am and I was just laying in bed, tv was on but cut that off, still couldn't sleep. Can't think clearly either so this is feeling like a lost cause. Sometimes I do wish I had a laptop and could do this sitting elsewhere in the apartment.
       This is the crab nebula, I get this in email about everyday from this site. Picture of the Day.  Some days its just text, some are pictures of NASA officials, but most are pretty good space pics.
        Well I did finally get to sleep last night, but it wasn't a long, good sleep. I really don't need that much sleep though.
        Now in dealing with the last post "learning and cracking the code"... Had a different slant from start to post, thus the name changed... well the link is there. I am not wanting to beat a dead horse with a stick but...
How does one put a writing program together with out a way to indent a paragraph? I just think it wise to know a few of the HTML codes to help along in your writing.

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