Saturday, March 6


"I'm so bored"

        I think it took a few times but I did finally figure out that Mom, or Dad for that matter did not need to know I was bored. Mom always had boredom breaking activities. As long as she didn't know I was bored I wasn't real likely to have to tackle this chore. "I'm bored" could almost almost be forecast with 100% accuracy to result in "your room needs cleaned, the bathroom is a mess, the lawn needs mowed, the kitchen floor needs cleaned" I was starting to think Mom just saved some of the chores "in her back pocket" just in case one of her children did run into the horrible monster known to most as "Boredom".  Guess I came to be thinking of this remembering my first days on the internet when the messengers were all the rage. No myspace, facebook, or those sorts of sites on the web as of yet. I would sit here in front of my computer with Yahell messenger up and reading "I'm so bored". Well, duh, that's what the 'chat room' is all about. Bored, nothing to do, at least that you wanted to do, so you 'talk' with others on the computer. So essentially 'everyone' on the yahell messenger is bored and I really don't need you to tell me that. Just some off the wall rantings I was thinking this morning.

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