Saturday, March 6

Cell Mart

And my last visit to the cellmart (to buy cells no less) went so well, so much help. That is important for "big money" purchases; having an informed, intelligent, customer driven clerk/sales staff. Yea $200 ain't all THAT of a "big money" but is enough to warrant top notch staff waiting on me. So that was great, the phones and all, treated great, welcoming my business back. Problem with these "Cellmarts" you never get enough 'stuff' from them and you go back a few times after the original purchase. more stuff we call it. I am a total newbie to the 3G phone or we will call this the veritable hand size computer.  Well the clerk/associate this visit seemed real interested in more purchase from me. How about this, this might be what you are looking for.. do you have a computer? we have a laptop yata yata yata... You know, sure he's a "salesman" and thats his bread and butter but lets stay in the topic area... stuff for my 3G phone/computer please. Comes right down to  this, my phone can do music, I just need to get one of those memory cards for the phone. So I walk in, sign in then I wait for the available "Associate". Why they don't just call these people 'sales sharks' is beyond me. 

Original plan, by Pirates standards, I'll take this holster we got that didn't work, or so we thought, return and get a memory card for my phone. End up I return the holster, end up with a replacement, puchase the memory card, purchase the card reader (for the computer) the deluxe model at that and purchase a head set (which is why I am bitching in the first place) and a free car charger. He did quickly pass over the "only five bucks" after saying I could get the charger for free. 

        Now mind you, I specifically asked him if the jack on the head set would fit THIS phone. Of course, I'm certain was the answer. And off I go... loaded with electronic goodies, I'm such a sucker for this stuff. Get home, worked on the music trans to the card, all that turn on the music from the phone.Sounded worse than an old transister radio (those that remember those)... think it probably sounds better in the head phones. God don't you hate these human proof packages the cells come in? Get my head set and don't you know, the jack was the same as the other headset I had, too small. 
        Not really being one to want to stir up trouble, I did call to complain, I did give the transaction number and all those little particulars, and stated, the facts, as they were; resulting in nothing, of course, just I have to drive back up to Cellmart tomorrow.

          There, said my piece!


Douglas said...

Do you know how much trouble I get into just trying to buy a phone to do nothing but (pay close attention now) make phone calls with?

Gregory said...

Oh come on Doug, there's a whole new mose code out there, lol brb, and wtf You don't text? man you're way behind, time to catch up