Sunday, March 7

audio, you gotta love the tunes

        I did finally get that flash drive back from my buddy. Wow.... talk about computer probs that stump me, he keeps calling me with computer issues, and everytime has stumped me so far. I used to have such a handle on computer problems. From sound cards to tool tips coming up behind the task bar. I have done what to some might seem a bit of trickery but just turns to be tracking the answer down. Just talk to the right people and google helps if you know how to ask the question you seek the answer to. So back to Tommy's computer...  just the way he gets these ??? funny quirks with his computer. Told me he "started over" what I would know as format. But anyway, just hanging around a few and had some time to jot down stuff. (I use that word a little too much??) 

        The next line is going to be strange as you don't know what it is referring to...

She said yes, so she does... I will put away the fear and move ahead.

To be continued?   Yea, well yesterday at the Cellmart was a drag. After I spent a few minutes (15 to be exact) with MsNeo on her work break, went back to the Cellmart. Guns a flairing... so to speak; like I said before, I'm not one to raise all kinds of .... but, if I can stop the ineptitude of that one clerk/associate/ sales shark, I will have not worked in vain. Different associate this time, at the front counter even; was alert, and seemed like a better "people" person. I don't mind the head set cost $10 more, especially in light of the fact that it was the first set I picked up and yesterdays 'associate' recommended I could save $10 on the ones he picked out for me. 
        Imagine that, the phone puts out a good sound with the headset. I wonder if this phone can read FLAC audio files? The answer to that and many more questions may be answered in my next post.


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