Wednesday, May 26


Like I said before, reading blogs will jolt the mind into thinking of something to write about, right? So I peer into a post I am a fan of. The picture I know is a bit fuzzy, but that is to give you the effect of how I see things on a daily basis. On with the show... Now this particular photo was the choice of about 3 different ones of my desk, light off, light on and different angles. I chose this one because it gives that "Dark Side of Neo's Desk" aura. Yes that is a pirates flag on the right. On the dark side, it is a bit more confuzzled and messy. Guess what, the cats don't care, its home to me and no one is here to tell me I have to change it. It is my haphazard, random organization. Generally if I need it I can quickly find it, and that is what organization is all about. 
     Men by habit are not what you call "nesters." Convenience is the key to effective organization; trust me, as a man I know this stuff. If something is to be used on a continuing basis, it doesn't need to be put away somewhere.  

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