Sunday, December 19

My picks today

Game Day again. Still holding to my vows, never again be the fan of a bunch of losers. Mind you, Atlanta is not the team I am referring to. Falcon / Seahawk, duh obviously Falcon will win. I mean look at the facts; Falcons hunt mice rodents and fish, the Seahawk, fish only.... Seahawks, pale, light blue to gray, blend in... Falcon, bight, red in color, stands out, no need for camouflage. Obviously, the Falcon is more aggressive than the Seahawk. Even the name as it rolls off the tongue,  sounds more aggressive. Not being one to follow the stats and all I'm gonna call this one, low scoring, say the end product will be: 
Atlanta 24
Seattle  14

 lets see what happens, kick off is at est 4:00 pm duh, am is too early.

Oh, I am in Cinci... home game is blacked out... do I care? Mike Brown please sell the football team so I can become a home team fan again. 

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