Thursday, January 27

The Parable of the Cell Phone

     Just sitting here with time, alot of time... just thinking. Along life people come into and out of your life, making a little difference, each and everyone of them. Say you are standing in a shopping mall, oh, about 20-30 feet from the waterfall. Malls and their need to use water; so you notice this young girl, face buried into her cell phone reading text after text sent by her new boyfriend. I know you see where I am going with this... yep, with no railing around the 'holding pool' of the waterfall, disaster, well for the young lady, as she falls in the pool. Entertaining to the witness', as she didn't really hurt anything other than her ego.  Doesn't this somewhat change your life. An insignificant difference yes; but a difference all the same. Maybe as you stood witness to this you were pissed at someone in the office and just in a grumpy mood. Brightened your day didn't it? Naturally you do make a mental note of this event, (don't ever do that)
     or on the other side of things, what if that was you? 


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