Saturday, June 11

Location location location

It is amazing I tell you, the difference in stores by location alone. Same chain grocery store, only about 2 miles apart, one in down town Mt Washington, the other in Anderson twp. For the out of state readers, those are greater Cincinnati locations. Now I live in Mt Washington, a nice little city, so for convenience I end up at the Mt Washington store. Today I was out on a venture, to do the things I don't have the time for during the week. I am so swamped with appointments, and events... NOT.  So, I am coming from Kentucky and while out I want to get some shopping done. Rather than the one in Mt Washington I go to the Anderson twp Kroger. What a difference.... more selection, lower prices, and a cheese shop that is really a cheese shop, not just a shelf of cheese. Well anyhow, I just noticed I did a full out 'weeks shopping', a few dinners, supplies, and needed stuffs and only spent what I do at the trip to the Ghetto Mart for just a few items. Now not to be judgmental, (call it what you want) the people in the store, shoppers and employees, seem to have a little more class out in the Anderson location. And if you remember an earlier post Anderson is not the location to build the Berlin Wall on Rt 125... though they are both located on rt 125.

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