Thursday, July 28

The Blue

Have you ever seen the blue screen of death? This is not a good thing. When this screen appears on the monitor it says either you did something you should not have done, or maybe someone has access to your files and is about to make your cyber life a living hell. Format is the usual and easiest fix to this. Yea... start over, begin again, re-install Windows. All the tweaks will have to be redone, customizing... not now, you are back to the default (how Windows wants your computer) Well, it is one of my hobbies, I love messing with computers. So I sit here tonight messing with all the stuffs, download this program, that browser, all the stuff I used to have but lost in the torrential download disaster. I will tell you I am back to the hard wire connection, seems the disaster cooked my wireless adapter... geeze


Windsmoke. said...

Haven't come across this particular screen yet and i hope i never will because it looks like scary stuff :-).

Tempo said...

Oh, I DO hate that screen. As much as I hate reinstalling and setting up anew, it does give you a fresh start. I always find the hardest part was convincing web sites that it's still YOU but on a new PC..and please recognize my keys and codes on THIS PC..