Sunday, August 14

40 something, for the last time

     So it was my birthday yesterday. # 49, jeeze I'm getting up there in the years. Been seeing a girl, we will refer to her as my Girlfriend. A really special girl. I think she has been planing this birthday bash thing we did for some time now. Well all but the mini class reunion at the Sandbar, down on Kellogg Ave. Karen comes over about 5ish, baring gifts. I was not expecting her to go all out like she did, but then again, that's Karen... a real special gal.We went out for dinner, had a chicken dinner that couldn't be beat, and then back to my place. Was it open the gifts or have the cake first? I think it was the gift thing; does this girl know how to shop? I mean shirts, and lots of them. Back up a few... you are on my blog, you no doubt noticed in the side bar I prefer Fender guitars... no she didn't get me a Telecaster, but she did get me a Fender t-shirt, bless her heart. A few other t-shirts, and even a dressy shirt, man I just love this girl! A hard binder book, pages are blank so I can write on them, she is so thoughtful, but the cover is what gets me. Charlie the Unicorn... ha, can you beat that? Well, this is just getting better and better, see before my birthday, on the 9th, I was over her place helping to celebrate her daughters birthday and she presents me with 2 small tokens, pirate in nature, a bottle opener with a skull and cross bones and a wrist band, that reads "Never trust a smiling pirate." I have not had a girlfriend that has payed so much attention to my "alterego" The Pirate Named Neo. I always thought it was a catchy nick on the computer. Neo (the pirate has been around for about 6 or 7 years, a sort of tribute to the cat I had to give away). Back to Karen, this post is centered on her... Last night one of the gifts she gave me was a stuffed animal, a cat, dressed as a pirate, it was so cute. Moving on to the cake. Yea the cake too... no nothing about pirates, but she had asked me a bit ago what my favorite cake was. Wouldn't you know it, a chocolate cake with coconut in the frosting. Did this girl think of everything?  To top the evening we head down to Kellogg Ave on the Ohio river to a Marina, The Four Seasons Marina to a little bar The Sandbar. A few friends from high school were planning a mini class reunion there and had personally invited me. Original plan was dinner and a movie, but changed to dinner back to my place and to the bar. At the bar my friends made it a "Birthday Party" II had the band there call me front and center, sang happy birthday, I tell you I have not had this much attention on my birthday in years. I was to say the least, the man of the hour, or 2 or 3.
         Thank You, every one involved, it was the time of my life, 
                                Pirate Named Neo


The Jules said...

Good evening had, it would seem! A bit jealous as it was my 40th last month and I didn't even have a beer, seeing as I was working a week of nights. Badly arranged, that was!

Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Windsmoke. said...

Sounds like you're on a real winner with Karen, hang on to her tightly and don't let her go :-).