Tuesday, August 9

Mercury to Pluto

This is a picture of the surface of Mercury as Messenger sees it. Those not familiar, Messenger is a probe orbiting Mercury since March. Messenger, MErcury  Surface, Space ENviroment GEochemistry and Ranging... I think its a rather weak name, but I'm not working for NASA and therefore my opinion means nothing.
The craters (impact craters) look at bit different from the ones on the Moon, aka Luna, or those on Mars. These resemble pock marks left from bubbling magma as it cools. Just something to consider.
To tell you the truth, I for one, am more interested in the planets on the other side of the asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn,  Uranus and Neptune. Since Pluto is no longer considered a planet we will have to wait till the day we are studying 'Plutoids' to cover that. Speaking of which, how many Plutoids are in our solar system? I mean to say, if you have a category, shouldn't there be more than one? Like the rules of outlining, if you have 'A' you need to also have 'B'. We can go into this later in more detail. For future reference, if asked to name the planets of the Solar System, the last one is now Neptune. You could of course impress your friends by telling them one plutoid called Pluto.

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Pearl said...

Ah, Pluto. I remember Pluto when he was a cartoon dog.

I have no idea what that means.

And yes -- you'd think a category would have more than one in its list...