Sunday, August 14

Cartoons in real life... or Hi, I'm Ariel

     I did already post about my birthday last night, but I did leave out a few details, one such detail would be at the Sandbar. Pretty cool little bar down on Kellogg Ave along the Ohio River. Part of a series of shops, clubs and a marina The Four Seasons Marina. The sign out by the street calls it Pirates Cove. So you know I would have to like the place. So anyhow... I went down there last night as part of my birthday celebration, was invited by a friend, a mini class reunion, I can by memory count 7 maybe 8 old class mates there. I was there with my girlfriend Karen who at one point in the evening had pointed out the one "big gal" sitting at the table beside ours. She later mentioned "oh my god, doesn't she look like the octopus lady on the Little Mermaid? Now the lady she spoke of, I turned to look and... well son of a... hell yes, she was dead on Ursula, jewelry and all, lol. It was funny; we were watching, trying to get a chance to snap a shot of her with the cell phone, to no avail. She was sitting just rambling at the mouth, talking with the guy sitting beside her. He was apparently very disinterested in what ever it was she was talking about.  In all my days, I have come across people, usually strangers, that look at least similar to animals, other people or even cartoon characters. Never before have I seen some one so close in resemblance that you would swear she was that character.  I did at one point tell Karen to go strike up a conversation with her, and introduce yourself as Ariel.

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Windsmoke. said...

Freaky isn't it when you come across a complete stranger who resembles a character from a movie or book :-).