Sunday, August 7

A Great Date

     Interesting story I experienced last night.  I went out with my girlfriend to see The Rusty Grizwalds, in Deer Park. I'm standing there checking out the band, or the stage, I don't think the band had come up yet. A woman, 10 - 15 feet away from me is looking at me; as I can tell straight in the eyes, saying something. I check over my shoulder, yup... she was talking to me. I look, she had that familiar look, someone I knew or had talked to in my past. I step a bit closer, and I can hear her saying "How's your daughter... Heather, is her name, right?" brief pause, she announces straight to me, I have this way of knowing when someone is talking to me... "you have a daughter?" I quickly answer, "yes, but her name is Jasmine." Lisa (I think that was the woman's name) continues, "Oh, well I was close, a flower of some sort... so how is Jasmine?" Then the memory started coming back, I had talked with this woman a few times when I was living in Deer Park hanging in a local drinking establishment. I did recall how she had spoke, very excited at that, about her new house that she and her then boyfriend had just purchased.  Lisa was speaking of the house at 4011 such n such a street. She did go on to explain, you know... when you have more to do than you can possibly accomplish and you call it 40- 11 things to do. Struck me as rather odd that I would remember this from more than 10 years ago. 
     The night went on, quite nicely, Karen even commented on how we had both seen people that we knew from "back in the day." My girlfriend, Karen was the main reason I made it a point to be at that show. She's about my age, hitting the party scene in clubs back in the 80's when dance music was all the rage. That is the music the band Rusty Grizwalds specialize in. Karen, lives over the west side of town, met up with some old friends she went to school with last night... I was thinking, for me, if was easy to meet someone I knew, I lived in Deer Park for quite a number of years, Karen on the other hand, this was her first time ever being in Deer Park. Would have to go in the category of "Unexplained Phenomena".  
     Last night would go down as the best date we have had to this point. Here I thought the first one at the fireworks in Blue Ash was going to be hard to beat. We did work our way up to the stage, so we could be right in the mix, little dancing, lots of hugging and kissing. I had a great time, and even better than the closeness, I could tell Karen was having a great time, she did a lot more dancing than I did. Reminded me of last week end at one point, I found some music files on disc, Billboard top 100 of the year. I have collected these, as a hobby; from 1970-1989 or so, think the only missing year is 1981. I put the file from 1983 in and about every song was "Oh, I love this tune." Most other years, seemed to be topped with "Don't think so." Only a few tunes Rusty Grizwalds did got less than "I love this tune" and a happy dancing girlfriend. Thanks RG... I have caught you guys out at festivals and such several times, never to be disappointed in a good time, this one topped em all.

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Give me Aussie pub rock anyday :-).