Saturday, January 12

Back in the Day

Strange that I would remember, 10/5/84 My first wedding. Was so much fun. I mean her family was the best, I don't know what happened to bring this marriage to a short demise. I would have to say that Debbie, aka Lil Deb was one of the better looking of the girls I have "dated" or had a relationship with. Things seemed to be going so right. Anyway, Debbie was the girl in the "Tickets were only $22" post. Funny how both my marriages, being the failure they were; began on the 5th of the month... Or maybe I'm just weird thinking dates have any bearing on how things will work out. I mean the Horoscope is based on dates. Face it we really are a different person in January than the one we are in May and different still in October. Seems to me the time of year you are born has everything to do with your personality. Debbie being a Gemini is typically a good match with a Leo (that would be me).
     Really though; how much credence can we give the horoscope?:"   I did have one other failure, with a Gemini; though not exactly a failure, as I gained a personal friend I can confide about anything to. The relationship between me and my sister is not great either; being a Gemini but I do consider her to be Cancer, she was born on the cusp.  

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