Friday, December 20

Gas Grass or... Lets talk about Me

did you know cow dung broken down with water can be used to run an internal combustion engine? loaded with methane

Now I know the computer is sitting right in front of me. I will be doing a little research on this and I don't know why I haven't before posting this but... I was watch a National Geographic show long ago; in South America scientists and farmers were utilizing solid waste of cows to power motorized equipment. I wonder why BP or Exxon have not looked into this, seems like a pretty profitable venture to collect cow pies to create and utilize Biogas. Now I will be the first to admit I have a... what we will call a memory that's not real reliable; I do however grab some facts that do stay with me. 
Potential Energy
 So I was just sitting here, I am a blogger and what do bloggers do with their spare time? Now normally I would check into a subject before posting with such a bold statement. Could very well be that the fuel produced either does not contain enough octane, if any at all, or puts of unacceptable amounts of  carbon monoxide. I do however remember this article on TV. 
     Now I don't know why but this does remind me of (not really just sounded like a good way to change the subject) ... my stuffed pepper disaster, when cold soup is mistaken for beer and why in the world am I still looking for a woman. First lets start with the disaster. In the shift from the oven to the countertop there was a bit of a glitch... I will take the blame; the cookie sheet was holding 6 half peppers, stuffed (3 peppers cut in half), one fell off the sheet and into the oven in fell. Well... it was a real mess. In addition it was a bit un-nerving. Out for a social event (meeting a girl) I found myself alone, as usual. This was recently mind you. So I am sitting to finish what was left of my beverage, a Blue Moon beer; recalling the gal I had just met telling me the food there was pretty good. I did ask the Bartender, Theresa if they had a French onion soup. The response was no, but did offer 2 choices. A beef stew type of soup or a potato cheddar soup. I figured I'm here, I'm hungry lets check this out. I ordered 1 bowl (just in case they were offering bowl vs cup) of potato cheddar soup. I'm figuring it'll take just a minute of so as they would have a big vat of potato soup in the kitchen. Couple, few, several, many moments later, Theresa informs me, "will be Crab chowder" not potato cheddar; well, ok, I've had chowder before, give it a whirl. Say 8-10 minutes go by I have a bowl of soup in front of me. First spoonful, is cold. Say I had 3 spoonfuls, and Theresa stops by to check, mind you I set the spoon down between thinking why is this cold... I was polite, as I explained to Theresa, the soup is cold. She takes the bowl back for a reheat, and sends the manager my way. Now so far I have rated this place pretty low as service went, waited a while at the bar before I was even tended to, place was not real crowded or busy, but service was a bit slow. Theresa, I will give benefit of doubt to, bartending is a tough job if you ask me, and she took the time to get the manager. He shows up, "What's the problem?" Now I will admit I did set the glass down a bit hard but told him in no uncertain terms, the soup is about the same temperature as my beer. He turns to me and says, "please don't slam the glasses, and what is wrong with your beer?" I thought about that for a few moments, it sorta pissed me off, I pull out my bank card to pay the tab, saying I will cover the 2 Blue Moons... he tells me not to worry about the beer tab (oh bless his heart). One might say that dinner was a loss. Do not think I will visit that place again. The final point... Though this was about as bad as it gets, I have had some experiences meeting women not worthy of the plus column; stood up, walked out on, not quite my breed, etc. Why on earth am I still looking for a woman? answer: Because I am a single man and that is what we are wired to do. The woman I met there did answer her cell phone, informing me that she was called into work.
     Oh, dinner the night of the soup mistaken for a beer, ordered Pizza from a local came with Hot and spicy chicken wings and a couple of glasses of some mediocre Merlot. So it wasn't an entire loss. 

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