Sunday, December 8

Really, it all depends on where you stand

Media spin... unfamiliar with the term? stop living under a rock. Even history has a spin. If you are a believer in the NAZI party, Adolf Hitler was just killing off the enemy. The direction your view goes does depend on which side of the pile of dung you stand. Your view of the "condition of state" depends on what you believe to be right, or wrong. Yes, killing off people depending on religious belief is wrong, regardless of where you stand... or is it? What of the Islamic attack on the U.S. 9/11? From "that" side it was "killing off the enemy" from 'this' side it was an unprovoked attack on innocent civilians. And yes; it is hard to write an unbiased report. You can not see things from all sides. Bring it to the current standing, Obama sees Hilary as "the greatest secretary of state; Joe Biden as "the greatest Vice President" I for one don't see it that way. I do stand on the belief that "change is not always good". I know I am jumping time in this column, U.S.A. in the 1940's doing well, coming out of an economic depression that was by far the worst the nation has experienced to this date, when suddenly, the Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor unprovoked... sudden "Change". When the stock market crashed in 1929; "change".  When the southern U.S. states decided they could do it on their own; Change. You see, change for the better depends not only what you believe. Word of advice... check your news from different sources; weigh the facts and make an informed and wise decision. For the record... Obama Care is the wrong decision. Had my visit to the hospital actually been a heart attack; with no health insurance I might be on the other side. Instead it simply cost me $115 out of my paycheck for 40 weeks.
Also for the record: I think Obama to be the worst president in U.S. history... that's just my spin.

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