Thursday, January 30

What are the chances?

     Why Earth? An astounding statement. So if not by God, you are telling me that the Earth is just a coincidence? Just happened that it formed in the perfect place in the Solar System; with the perfect balance of oxygen and nitrogen to support 2 separate life forms? It's too perfect to just be a coincidence. There is obviously Intelligent Design here. I tend to think of myself as one who relies on logic... We have been to Mars; well at least we have sent rovers and satellites to study the planet. I'm thinking a planet sized Sahara desert. Beyond microscopic, there is no life here; and as I can tell the chance of microscopic life on Mars is slim to nil. Our other neighbor Venus is about as hospitable as the inside of a volcano. So why Earth? In our solar system one planet of 8 is hospitable enough to sustain life (as we know it) and not accounting for the asteroid belt or the Kuiper Belt. Would it be safe to say, in astrological terms there is not much "wiggle room" for a planet with life bearing properties? (class M in the old Star Trek series) Add to this Earth is the only planet in the solar system to have 1 moon. As the moon is responsible for the tide could you imagine what more than one moon would do; or no moon at all?

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