Tuesday, January 28

United Socialist States of America

     A twist on an old Beatles tune... Welcome to the USSA... Barack is our leader... term limits? A dictator has no term limits. Why is congress so afraid of this man? Or is it a conspiracy? The man is a fraud... If you don't see that go back to school or learn what Truth and Justice is really all about. I am guaranteed certain "inalienable rights". If health care is one of these rights why do I have to sign up for it and why is it costing me money to have this right; and why will it cost me money to "opt out" of this right? Richard Nixon resigned to avoid Impeachment, all he did was have microphones hid in a room... Forcing me to buy something I don't want to buy is in my book is Tyranny. I thought our "right to bear weapons" was supposed to be a cure for this. What happened to following the Constitution? Have we forgotten where America came from and the lives lost to secure our freedom? Separation of Church and State? is this unless it includes the Quran? Is it inhospitable to display my countries flag? Should I be worried about who is offended? I was born here, and I am a "natural born citizen"  Beyond the fact that he really shouldn't be president; as an illegal alien shouldn't he at least leave me to worship my beliefs?
     Ah, you say he has proof of being born in New Jersey... I mean Hawaii. Wasn't the proof provided AFTER he had time to produce such documents? Trust me here, you don't hide something that is in the right and legit... His birth documents were hidden under court order... RED FLAG my friends... I personally thought his first term to be less than par, I wonder how he made it to his second term? Unless the American people have just lost all trust in the government and are willing to just let the chips fall where they fall. 

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