Thursday, July 3

Remember your 1st?

   Sitting here thinking about my past vehicles. I remember the first; perhaps it was a little nicer than my sisters Datsun B-210. In  essence my dad using my money purchased me a vehicle. A white Chevy Monza Coup. Automatic trans, power steering, with a tiny 4 popper of a supposed "engine". The vehicle shown resembles the car he bought me. Mind you I specifically requested to my dad "Please do not buy me a white car." So any way, its actually quite funny. Originally we were shopping for a car with me as "copilot". We get to the Beechmont Chevy dealer, walking about to find a used car. My attention is drawn to a dark green Chevelle, '74 maybe '75. It was a beauty. Dad says no, you don't want this car, too hard to find parts for it if breaks down. "Tell you what Gregory, you just let me shop around and I will get you a car." I think, "he's my dad, what's the worst that could happen." Well, I guess I could be a little more appreciative; I mean he did save me all the excitement of going out to buy a car. I do wonder often what ever happened to that car; it just sort of disappeared when I bought my mom's Toyota Celica.

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