Sunday, March 15


     One would think I was done with Samsung, but I will stick around and see if they "come to the light". My first experience with Samsung was a few years back, I acquired (got it free) a Samsung smartphone, yesterdays technology still on the market. At the time the Galaxy had been around and was up to Galaxy s3. I acquired the Galaxy Continuum; the first of the Galaxy line. Had some issues with that and went to Motorola for one phones life, about a year and a half; so here I am back at Samsung with the Galaxy s5. Everything was "cool" up till the last update. It never really crossed my mind so I didn't concern myself with the color of the dial screen; up till the last "system" update. It is now a hideous white, no lines separating the numbers. The only color to it is the title line, it is a reasonable teal green. All the rest is black fonts on a bright white background. As I said it is hideous. Through a call to my carrier, and snooping around the web, I found  the way to change this is "install an app". Now I am sure you know as well as I know; a free app will come with advertisements and who wants to buy an app just to change the color of a screen? The ads are, to say the least a nuisance; or am I the only one that clicks open an ad when trying to close a feature or program? So after about 5 install and uninstalls, a bunch of aggravation; I have now downloaded and installed an app just to color my dial pad. In this experience I also found out the "block notifications" with its handy calendar and time setting was removed from the system. I just found this to be true this morning at 3:00 am.  Which is the reason I had to incorporate 2 different apps today.

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