Thursday, December 24

Christmas or Eve?

     My main question is why do some exchange gifts on Christmas eve, rather than Christmas morning? 
a) According to the story handed to me, Santa Clause goes out Christmas eve to deliver the gifts. How would I open the gifts before they arrive?
b) wouldn't this be sorta like writing a check on New Years eve with tomorrows date on it?
c) doesn't this effectively change the date of Christmas to the 24th? and if we keep the tradition wouldn't the 23rd be better day to celebrate? make that the 22nd.. 21st, 20th, 19th, 18th... 
d) I think to confuse people we should do it on the last Sunday of December. If the date of his death is a variable, should not his birth be as well? 
e) out on a limb here... Muslims don't get the day off, they don't believe in Christ... same would hold true for Atheists. 
f) Can I (wanting to conform with the rest of society) celebrate Independence Day on July 3rd?
g) What about my birthday?
h) What does his birth certificate say about his date of birth?
i) As long as we are covering this subject; what about BC vs AD, what about the 33 years he was alive?
j) where did this idea of an overweight elf come into play?

Just some questions to ponder on...

Just for those not sure which side of the fence to be on, I know Santa is real cause the cookies and milk where gone in the morning... if he wasn't there (even though we didn't have a chimney) where did the cookies and milk go? 

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