Saturday, December 19

When the laff is free of charge

     So after a text message or 3; my friend comes to pick me up at the apartment. Seems she wanted to go for a ride around and asked if I would join her. We end up at Starbucks ordering a Latte or 2. Five bucks for a bad cup of coffee? Well if you pull out all the sweets, berries, flavors and what not, yes, its a bad cup
of coffee. Never the less... we order, move along (sorta busy, 3-4 cars in front and countless behind). Now I am just the spectator here, passenger, along for the ride; beyond the "pay it forward" experience a very funny thing occurred. Driving back home she turns to me and says (at a traffic light of course) "How offended were you by that cup in your hands". (crash of the cymbal) 

Your dear friend,

                        Neo (I used to be a pirate)

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