Sunday, December 28

Game Day take 2

Well I am back, ... having done my homework like any decent reporter should have done,
did I type that out loud?

well anyway, as I was saying...
Major game here to Mike Brown and his beloved Bungals.
I was just rooting through the stats, records and abominations, (actually I pulled up the Cheifs .nfl site) and seems the Cheifs, while in the past a strong contender, is a game or 2 shy of terrible. This could be the break the Bungles are looking for. Remember the song, Give me 3 Steps?
You see the Cheifs did not tie a game. This is the important part; realizng the effect this posses on the grand scheme of the "The Great Playoff Picture" (booming voice for dramatic effect)

but lets get real now, the play offs will be for the Bungles, the beloved ones, I night at the bar, with the guns in their pockets, and generally beating up on the other clientele
urrrrr, I mean at home seen from a large screen TV.
Its really not that the Bengals are bad though. Getting right in with the brass tacks and all they are mediocre and really don't seem to mind. Mediocre in expectation and mediocre in discipline,down the line up to and including a mediocre general manager which I believe is where it starts.

On both sides of the game we can see this as you would beating up the class wimp in middle school. Going on a limb here, I predict a game of more than 5 field goals, low scoring and separated with a point spread of 3 points, The Bungles should come away with a win

And so... (I know I shouldn't start a sentence like that) on we go to the bitter end with the fight for being the worst you can possibly be ; the Bungles have some work to do, this is Neo with internet sports, back to you Gretta...

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