Saturday, January 24

ah The Russian Olive Tree

(several year ago) The boss says the width boundary is the tree line on the left and line up with the Russian Olive tree on the right. I have never treated a lawn with such a messed up boundary; well yea I have,that's another story though . So get to the back, the front wasn't so hard to figure out; to line with that Russian what ever tree. Now I do have a bit of experience in landscaping, and I know a taxis from a juniper and a maple from a spruce; but what is that tree I was supposed to line up with? Well according to my inner compass and the direction the house faced I found that tree. Well thought I found it.

For the record I will state "I knew that was an Austrian Pine I lined up with"
but guess my inner compass was off. I missed the mark by more than 25 ft. Mind you this was a large property (in relative terms) 49k sf.... so the boss flailing arms in the air comes running toward me, yelling stop! stop! stop!. I was on the motorized spreader; I knew something was up so I stopped and boss says, "the Russian olive tree, line up with the Russian Olive tree". My first response was "What the hell does a Russian Olive Tree look like?". As it turned out, lining up the Russian Olive Tree the property actually had a perfect rectangle shape, the angle of the house was offset some 15˚. Boss and I got a kick out of that day for some time, anything complicated came up, ah yea, the Russian Olive Tree.

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