Sunday, January 11


Thinking of the buy outs in the NFL, and names and what should change. I was glad to see the Oilers change their name to the Titans (where did they get that name from? I would have said the Tennessee Hill Jacks or something like that) but on with the post, you see the name of the team actually has a meaning.
  • New England Patriots (duh)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (duh again)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (have one of the greatest Bengal collection at the Cincinnati Zoo)
  • Miami Dolphins (where would you find dolphins)

These are just a few of the examples. So you can see why I am not thrilled with the name choice of Arizona. Are there really Cardinals in Arizona, I know there are Road Runners and Coyotes...

I think North Carolina could have done better too. How many Panthers are you gonna see in
North Carolina? help me here, shouldn't they be the Sheriff Taylors or Barney Fifes ? Maybe a historic name like the Kitty Hawks?

some of the past traded names :
  • Houston Oilers (oil town)
  • Los Angeles Rams (near by mountains have rams)
  • Baltimore Colts (ok so I don't have an explanation here)


Anonymous said...

The Miami Seahawks were purchased & moved to Baltimore. The Colts name came from a "Name the team" contest...
(from your all knowing brother with a little help from Wikipedia)

Neo said...

Never knew there was a Miami Seahawks, thought that was a Seattle thing, and the Baltimore Colts were of the first professional football teams.