Sunday, February 8

Experiment with Software

I have tried other browers, Internet Explorer of course being the first. Even thought one time there were no others. I was associating myself in the geeksquad, and so heard of all the different programs, sites and tools available on the web/computer. Think it was some time last year as I woke up and getting ready for another day of killing weeds and growing grass (turf, you know not the other stuff) I heard the guy on the talk radio saying something about Google coming out with a new browser. Well got home that night and of course, I went right to the computer down loaded Google Chrome and worked with it for a while (a few weeks). I liked it very much, about the only thing I didn't like was it being so new. In its early stages many sites I use on a regular basis, bank, blogger, etc could not be opened using Chrome. It would keep a list of the last 9 pages visited and was very easy to fly back and forth between pages. I suppose the reason I do not continue to use it would have to be the limitations, mainly I need another older browser to access my online banking. Found I could not remove gadgets from my blog using Chrome also tended me back to the browser I currently use.

All in all a person will use the browser they are most familiar with and therefore more comforable with. It never hurts to try some thing new though. I find Firefox to be very comfortable.

A few years ago I heard of Opera and tried it out for a few weeks. Being I was still rather unexperienced with software I didn't stay long with it and found myself using Internet Explorer again. There are several browsers out there, perhaps hundreds; and I do think all are worth looking at. You never know, you might come across one that you like the look and feel of and find it has features and options you like better than what you are using currently.

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