Sunday, February 8


Practice what is preached, I am looking over this browser again. Used Opera years ago. Wasn't real swift in the computer world but was learning. Opera is a cool browser in you can change the skin, many themes available.

One feature on this browser you may find very usefull is called Wand. This feature present in an icon of a wand will remember addresses and passwords. You have full control of what wand will remember.

Has a unique set up with the banners up top. Makes navigating and controls easy to understand

Also has a mini browser that can be set to the site you prefer as default search engine. Of course I have mine set to Google.

In the main browser if you preamble with G it will do a google search. Not sure if you can search 'green' with though.

Just found the faults. It doesn't work well with blogger, and has a feature called speed dial is set on and I am not finding it easy to change to another default site.

Guess would be I am using the best browser I am aware of. I always seem to end up back on Firefox and use it as my default browser.

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