Sunday, February 22

Hangin around

Procrastination-N The art of not doing what needs to be accomplished There are at least a zillion other things to do instead of the one that needs to be done. Hay, where's my kid at? oh yea, that's right she never did laundry anyhow. Problem is mainly I have to go to the building next door to do the wash (notice this is no R in wash).
Its cold, snow on the ground and though doing the wash and other household chores here trumps playing around on the computer I am still posting....
I really don't want to do this. K now this is just being lazy, I already smoked a cigarette, (I'm not supposed to smoke out in the hall) then I started blogging about not doing what I really should be doing, and now I'm out of excuses, hold on I'll be right back.

So MsP shows up shortly after I get back from the wash (note there is no R in wash) Just the regular 15 min break go home kind of thing she does, ask me "we need anything" just a bottle of wine please, not sure about the other stuff.

In the back of my mind I am thinking of changing out the router, the linksys came the other day.
I had a real good experience with the hard wire linksys I got several years ago, never had a router problem at all. As some know I got another router from an online site. So now I have the wireless that was 'given' to me, the wireless I bought and the hard wire one. Router central here at the Pirates Pavilion.

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