Thursday, February 12


Work, at this point in the season, is moving along, we got the plumbing for the fill station all blew up. PVC is different if you you are building drains, and feed lines. Who ever installed this one didn't realize this. Extreme cold this winter and we neglected to blow out the water lines.

Well spent about 4 hours putting that back together and arranging and moving stuff here and there. No work today, put have to go tomorrow to unload and move some equipment. So anyhow I seem to have some time on my hands here these past few weeks; that time is coming to and end by the end of this month. It's been a nice time off but coming time to get back at it.

This is actually a good thing.

not to get off the another subject but Jimmy Page retunes his guitar to a G chord to the song Bron- ya-aur from the Physical Grafitti at least I think its a Gmaj; I have retuned my guitar to mess around a few times.

Back in teh early 80's I was listening to a broad range of rock music, while all my so called friends were getting into the AC/DC thing that marked the end of good rock music with meaning I was into Pink Floyd and starting to esstablish a firm liking for Jimmy Page, and Led Zeppelin. I always felt about 10 years off sync with my so called 'peers'.

My musical taste does seem to be far more diverse now that I am a little older. Guess with all the bands out there that I never really payed alot of attention to in my youth are worth listening to now. Also my experiences since that time have added adidtional diversity. I had my heart broken, and in that experience I did come to appreciate country music.

Guess I'm just rambling on about my past.

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I've always been about ten years off, too.

But it seems I'll find a couple of contemporary songs that I like during every phase of music.