Sunday, January 31


I do understand there may be some confusion in my screen name. Now I assure you I am a nice Pirate. I have even helped people who don't understand the computer as well as I do. Oh and just for arguments sake, I really don't know that much at all. I can tell you what I am not, I am not from Pittsburgh, I don't wear a patch over my eye or have a parrot on my shoulder. 

My latest venture in the world of pirating found me more than just a few songs. See... Argh.. I have been with out my Nero Burning Rom since my old dell had a crash n burn. A friend of mine suggested I use a different torrent site to get my downloads from, Pirate Bay is the name of the site. I was looking for a test sample to download. In order to avoid incriminating evidence of the electronic sort, I will say I was offered a gift of the Nero Burning Rom program by about 100,000 friends, so I accepted. It is the latest version 9. It still works like the Nero 7 I had on my old Dell, only I didn't get the "issues" disclaimer saying Nero has shown "known" issues with *Windows XP. *Which was, by the way also a gift, wink wink. So MsNeo buys me a new computer to replace the old and I am again stuck with the Roxio CD creator. Now mind you, Roxio is an ok program, I have only experienced a few issues with it. It has only cost me some dozen or so "coasters". Since I met my friend back in 03 when I got my first home computer I have been using the Nero Burning Rom. Nero seems to work a little more to the point, simple and effective. 

Taking a bit of time today checking out this program, I now have a DVD burner on my computer, the old one could read but not write (qualifies as illiterate) So have burned a few CD and 1 DVD now. All seems in order. 

If interested in the sheep that is in my screen shots here try this link

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