Monday, February 8

Game Day

Superbowl Sunday, wow...
Ain't all that super. I was going on a beer run but the ice on my car stopped me. We got some fluffy wet snow the other morning. Like the nice guy I am I went out Saturday morning and dug MsNeo's car out; I was gonna start it but it would have been running 45 mins before leaving for a 4 block trip for her to go to work. I know, I should have come back in for some 20 mins. So the Green Monster is now covered in that snow, plus a little more, and now the temp having gone down is crusted ice about 6 inches deep on my car. MsNeo's truck was an easy one, fresh wet snow, was heavy but broomed it right off. The broom tonight on Green Monster removed about an inch off the top, leaving a crusty shell of ice. Oh if you just knew the history of this car. Cooling system, front axle, both fixed, alternator going out, the heat blower quit, and the list goes on, but dang, I like this little car. So as before mentioned, the blower doesn't work, therefore, no defrost on the front windshield, cold as heck to drive and I hate the cold! See, I open with announcing the football game and not a word about football. Ok so the Bengals aren't playing, one is allowed to dream?

Well things are not so dark and depressing, called MsNeo (she doesn't live here) and she will be over soon, take me out and will stay with me for a while. Talk about excitement beyond football.

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