Sunday, February 7

Lawn care now? I just put my folding chairs away

Turf care season abound on the horizon. I like my job and look forward to this time every year.  This being said its almost the end of my extended vacation. Only gripe, well as all I have many, but I don't like the winter being my vacation time. Well I always did say, get what you can get. Or at least something like that. Seems like I should have taken up snow skiing or a similar hobby. This shot was taken from the sun deck on Pirates vessel. Sun deck doesn't get alot of use this time of year. So.... looking to the south-west toward Reading Ohio. Funny thing here is Reading is pronounced Red-ing, not like what you do with a book. Had an issue with a visitor from out of town, "Well it should be reed-ing". I just sat back thinking "let it go"....

The one forecast I read off the Nat'l Weather Service said "1 inch additional snow fall" not sure what was already on the ground at that point. looks to be about 5-6 inches.
*Doesn't look like the temperature is going to help the cause much, could be looking at a late start to the season of Lawn Care, I will keep you posted. *According to my weather sources.

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