Tuesday, January 28

What in the World Happened?

     My heroes growing up? Well there was Popeye, Yosemite Sam, Batman (of course) the list does go on. Do pay attention though, all my heroes where surrounded with violence; and yet I grew up to be a rather Nonviolent individual. Oh and my #1 hero, my dad; owned a recreational fire arm, drank beer, rode a dirt bike and cursed alot (especially when he was repairing his dirt bike)...   All the elements are there... following my heroes I should at least be carrying a weapon. So what happened? What I don't understand in today's youth is the need to be "bad". Several mass killings at schools in the past 10 or so years, hear in the news kids involved in homicides, arrested for carrying an unregistered hand gun, rape and murder, its just a shot away... oh, sorry Rolling Stones; we will cover in another post. Back to the subject at hand, I do see one marked difference. I got by butt (stronger term needed here) whipped with a belt, when necessary. Maybe an 'example' for my brother and sister; I don't remember them getting beat (oops, harsh term) call it "getting corporal punishment". Are the kids taking over? Who's in charge here? After a while (5th grade or so) I did not like school anymore, but I certainly never got the idea to come in with an automatic rifle and kill. I never had the idea in my head that carrying a fire arm was "cool". My dad's pistol was in the house, I was sneaky enough to take it and go to school with it, but I guess I had enough intelligence to not do that. Is there something in the Book of Revelations about kids taking over near the end? Or did I miss that?

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